Six Nations Predictor 2019

Firstly a huge thank you for entering the Friends of Syresham Schools 2019 Six Nations Prediction Competition, your support not only raises valuable funds for sport within the School, but also so many entries make it a great competition.  The year £200 has been raised, leving the £50 prize money to be competed for by the 50 that have entered – good luck!

Please click this link to see the leaderboard after the first weekend of competion.

>>Six Nations 2019 Round 1 Leaderboard

England provided quite an upset with many people predicting Ireland for the win(well over half thought the Irish would take the result), which most people (apart from 8) fancied the Welsh.  The Scotland v Italy result gained all but 2 people points.  With very few managing to predict the margin of victory for the games, there’s only 6 points between top and bottom of the leaderboard so it’s all to play for going into Round 2.

 >> Six Nations 2019 Round 2 Leaderboard

Ireland upped their game this round and beat Scotland at home which has foiled a few people this week.  England had another good weekend and scored highly against Italy.  It is still all to play for!

>> Six Nations 2019 Round 3 Leaderboard

It’s very tight at the top of the leaderboard now, with lots of people still competing for the top spot.  I’m not sure many will be happy with one of the results, although there were quite a few that did predict it!

 >> Six Nations 2019 Round 4 Leaderboard

Going into the final round it’s very much all to play for, both for the championship and our prediction competition! Good luck everyone and enjoy the rugby on Saturday!

>>Six Nations 2019 – Final Results

For the Welsh supporters among our entrants this year, I’m sure there will be some headaches this morning; congratulations to the Welsh team for taking the Championship with the Grand Slam, a well earned win!  

 No one predicted the result of the England v Scotland match (which has caused the English to wake up with a headache for a different reason to the Welsh), if we’d taken the half time score it would definitely have been a different story; congratulations must also go to Scotland for their amazing come back!

The final result in our predictions competition was extremely tight, and for a second year out of the six that we have run the competition, it went down to the tiebreaker…. Congratulations to our winner who receives £50, very unlucky to the runners up.

 Finally, thank you all for entering the competition and supporting Syresham School.  During the time we’ve run the competition a huge £1,190 has been raised which goes towards sport and sports equipment for the children at school, a fantastic amount which is very much appreciated by all and has a big impact at school.

Thank you, and happy World Cup viewing in the Autumn,