Our Curriculum

We aim to provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum. A map of our curriculum can be viewed and downloaded from the document library below. Our School

We hope that the children leave our school not only achieving good academic grades, but with the knowledge and experience to grow into successful and respected members of the community.

At the start of each new academic year the children revisit the behaviour policy and decide what the school rules are for the year to ensure that all can work and play together harmoniously. The rules are then signed by each member of the school and displayed in the main corridor. Each term parents are informed what Topic their children will be studying during the term and the related learning areas. This information can be found on each class page as a “Curriculum or map” “Topic Web” or “Class Information Letter”.  Please scroll down to the Document Library at the bottom of each class page to view. The phonics scheme we use in Key Stage One is “Read,Write Inc” and we use “Kinetic Letters” for writing.  The Reading Scheme we use across the school is mostly “Oxford Reading Tree” supported by a selection from  various other schemes to ensure a wider interest and joy in reading.

Collective Worship

Assemblies are an important part of our school day when we all meet up together to take part in an act of Collective Worship. Although assemblies are broadly Christian in nature, due consideration is given to the multi-cultural society in which we live. We recognise the rights of parents and carers to withdraw their children from Collective Worship in school.

British Values at Syresham

During the academic year 2014-15 the British Government set out new legislation stating that all schools should promote the British Values. Details of how we promote these can be found in the document library below.

Equal Opportunities

We provide a curriculum designed to ensure equal opportunities and access for everyone regardless of age, sex, disability, race, religion, culture or social background. We aim to promote a caring attitude to all.

Special Educational Needs

“Every child has a special need, it’s just a matter of degree.” As such we support all children , as well as those with significant difficulties. If a child has a physical disabillity, a special learning or emotional or behavioural difficulty, or has an exceptional ability, we plan a programme to ensure progress. With parents’ consent we are able to consult with specialist advisors and some children benefit from their individual help.  Trained staff work with children individually or in small groups to encourage development in their areas of need.  We  also provide extension work and teaching for more able, gifted and talented children who, equally, have a special need.  We are pleased to work with Northamptonshire Local Offer Team and a link to their web site is provided here www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/localoffer


Homework is set regularly each week by the class teacher. Key Stage Two children write their homework in special ‘homework records’ while Key Stage One and Foundation Stage children receive a weekly letter.

Religious Education

We are Church of England School and Christianity is the basis of all religious teaching. We use the Local Education Authority’s agreed syllabus for the teaching and planning of Religious Education.  Our school Values of Courage, Generosity, Respect, Forgiveness, Love and Fairness are reflected in our School Ethos and are embedded in everything we do. Please visit our Values Page for more information Through our curriculum and worship we also encourage an awareness of the beliefs and cultures of our multi faith society. We share a variety of resources with the children, giving them time to develop their understanding and time to reflect upon issues of daily life. Parents and carers have the right to withdraw their children from RE lessons and our daily act of worship. If parents do wish their child to be withdrawn they are asked to discuss the arrangements with the Headteacher.

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer a wide range of club activies that are free for children from Reception to Year 6. These take place during lunch times and after school. Details of these are made known to the children and parents/carers. Teachers, Teaching Assisstants and volunteers from the local community give their time to these activities and children who join are expected to show commitment.  We also use outside providers for activies such as ‘Mad Science’. Parents are asked to make payments for these sessions. Please see the diary sheet to find out what clubs we currently have running.

Peripatetic Music

Children have the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments. This includes strings, brass, woodwind, guitar, piano and percussion orchestra. Parents are asked to fund the employment of specialist teachers form the music service if they would like their children to benefit from this teaching.

Daily Time-table

School begins at 8:50am with registration, lessons start at 9:00am (with the exception of Wednesdays when we have a morning Assembly).  Morning break is at 10:15 to 10:30 am.  Lunch starts at 12 noon. Afternoon schools starts with registration at 1:00pm.  We have a break in the afternoon from 2:00 to 2:15pm and school finishes at 3:30pm.