About Us

At Syresham Primary School we all work closely together, to share the care and education of your children at this very special time of their lives. Our School
We are a small primary school, where everyone involved aims to provide the children and all who visit and work here with a happy, caring, secure and stimulating Christian community, in which the children will grow and develop, and where they are respected and valued.
We encourage our children to become independent and to strive to achieve their full potential. This quality leads to greater self-motivation and self-discipline. The children are provided with many opportunities to make good relationships with other children and adults, both in the school and in the community.

All areas of our school facilities are accessible to those who use wheelchairs or other aids to walking and we take care to ensure that we maintain this easy access.  For security reasons the side gates are kept locked during school hours with access to the buildings through the front office only.  This means that all visitors need to sign in and out on arrival and departure.