Syresham Years 5 & 6

There are twenty-one of us in year 5&6 and Mrs Haddy and Mrs Crawford are our teachers with Mrs Brooker and Mrs Gee, our Teaching Assistants, who support us too.

Year 5 and 6 are engaged this term in learning about the local environment. We are finding out what a fascinating place Syresham is.

We started by reflecting upon our experience of the village now and all the events and activities which make Syresham a great place to live. This led us to ask questions about the past and how things have changed. We explored the meaning of place names to date settlements in the area and looked at the Domesday book to find out about Syresham in 1088. Walking around the village looking at architectural features has given us more clues about the development of the village. The children have enjoyed getting out and about in the village to draw and photograph.

We have found out about the more recent past by interviewing Mrs Palmer about life in Syresham when she was a child. The children were engrossed in her stories of school and home life. Next we interviewed the clerk to the Parish Council to find out more about the running of the village before thinking about how the village might be in the future. The class became very engaged in topics which were important to them such as tree preservation.

While learning about the geography of the area we have practiced skills in map reading and plotting coordinates. We have looked at geographical features in the area and the impact these have on life styles.

We will move on to find out more about important events and people in the history of Syresham. As we are gathering information from different sources, we are planning to create a website to hold our research and be the culmination of our topic.


Our next residential trip will be to Bembridge on the Isle of Wight in June 2020.  We are all really excited for this trip as we will be using the foot passenger ferry from Portsmouth to Ryde on the Isle of Wight, then catching a bus from there to the Kingswood Activity centre in Bembridge.  We are really looking forward to activities on the beach and rockpooling.

Please see the School Trips page for the letter regarding this trip.

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Syresham School Year 5 and 6
Syresham School Year 5 and 6
Syresham School Year 5 and 6

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